Well & Good: The AIA Vitality Health Check zone

  1. What is an AIA Vitality Health Check?

    The AIA Vitality Health Check is a simple health assessment that measures your BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol.

    AIA Vitality members can enjoy 10,000 AIA Vitality points for completing assessments if the results are within the healthy range.

  2. Should I do fasting for the blood glucose assessment?

    There is no need to do fasting. Hi-Precision Diagnostics will conduct a random blood sugar test so you can also take the assessment at any time.

  3. I'm not an AIA Vitality member. Can I participate in the event?

    Yes, everybody is welcome to participate. Simply sign up by scanning the QR code.

  4. How long will the AIA Vitality Health Check take?

    The health check will last no more than 30 minutes.

  5. How and when can I get my results?

    Participants will get their results within five (5) business days from VHC date. VHC results will be provided via:

    1. Soft copy: Available online through https://www.hi-precision.com.ph/

    2. Hardcopy: Upon request and for pick-up from the preferred Hi-Precision branch