Financial and wellness needs analysis

Our Bancassurance Sales Executive will work with you to assess your current financial standing and what you need to do to reach your goals.

When you schedule a Financial and Wellness Needs Analysis appointment, you will get a call from our Bancassurance Sales Executive.
This quick assessment will help us understand your current needs and guide you to achieve your financial goals.

Introduction to Bancassurance

Your relationship with your bank goes beyond money management.

Apart from the typical transactions, some banks will offer additional services and products that will help you manage your finances—including insurance products. This is called bancassurance.

It is, basically, a partnership between a bank and an insurance company. Although the concept seems straightforward, purchasing life insurance is not as simple as walking into a bank and asking for one.

When you're looking into a significant investment, it is not unexpected to want someone to answer your questions and assist you with your concerns. After all, life insurance is a big deal. It is not just about the amount of money you commit to, but also because it deals with how secure your future is.

Role of a Bancassurance Sales Executive

This is where a Bancassurance Sales Executive comes in.

A bancassurance sales executive, or a BSE, is someone who is tasked with offering financial planning services to clients.

There are two types of insurance professionals: the captive and independent. The difference is who they work for.

Captive agents are associated with a single insurance company, while an independent is not beholden to any particular company. They can recommend policies from different organizations.

In the case of BPI AIA, one of the top bancassurance companies in the Philippines, the Bancassurance Sales Executives are exclusive to the company. The advantage is that these representatives have an in-depth knowledge of the product array provided and can thus, provide you better assistance.

You can easily get in touch with BSEs by visiting any BPI branch or filling up the contact form below.

What can you expect from a Bancassurance Sales Executive?

The Financial and Wellness Needs Analysis is only one of the services the BSEs offer bank clients.

Bancassurance Sales Executives suggest financial solutions through the different insurance products offered by BPI AIA. The BSE can make recommendations based on your objectives. If you have a question about the product or the service, he or she is your point-person to find the right answers.

Aside from customer service, the Bancassurance Sales Executive is expected to handle the reporting, planning, and administration of the plans you purchase.

Advantages of bancassurance

A quick search can easily yield many results for life insurance policies. However, bancassurance offers distinct advantages that sets it apart from the competition.

The first is that the partnership with banks means that it is more accessible. In the case of BPI AIA, there are over 700 BPI branches you can go to and find out more about bancassurance products.

Another advantage is that, as a client, you can gain access to the expertise of both the bank and the insurance company. Not only does this ensure competent service, but it also means that it should meet higher regulatory standards.

It should not come as a surprise that the Bancassurance Sales Executives are expected to uphold these principles. There is a technical requirement for these professionals. They should be knowledgeable of industry regulations and should be informed of any updates.

On top of that, they are also licensed to sell insurance products, the process of getting licensed involves taking an exam administered by the Insurance Commission.

Aside from their product and industry knowledge, the Bancassurance Sales Executive should be an effective communicator to ensure that the client understands the details of the purchased policy. He or she should also be trustworthy since the nature of the job often requires sensitive financial and personal data.

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