As an AIA Vitality partner, enjoy up to 30% off selected fitness devices. Track your daily activity, heart rate and sleep to help you achieve your fitness goals and earn AIA Vitality points daily with Garmin–a  renowned leader in the aviation, marine, automotive, outdoor and fitness industries with their cutting-edge GPS navigation products. 

Discounts offered

Vitality Status Discount
Bronze 25% OFF
Silver 30% OFF
Gold 30% OFF
Platinum 30% OFF

How to avail discount

  1. Go to any Garmin store

    Visit any Garmin's retail store and choose your preferred fitness device.

  2. Present your e-Card

    Show your e-Card along with one (1) valid ID upon payment to enjoy the discount.

  1. Select Garmin as a reward

    Choose Garmin from the list of rewards in the AIA Vitality app.

  2. Get your single-use e-voucher

    Click "Use now" to claim your e-voucher.

  3. Shop online and enjoy your discount

    Enter your e-voucher upon check-out in the Garmin e-Store.

Go to the AIA Vitality app to learn more about other member-exclusive discounts at Garmin! 

  1. You can enjoy up to 30% OFF the recommended retail price on selected Garmin fitness devices when you order at Garmin’s official retail and e-store.
  2. This discount does not apply to Garmin purchases made at third-party stores or through other websites.
  3. You will be provided single-use e-vouchers through this app.
  4. Each e-voucher will be valid until Sunday 11:59pm of the week when it was generated.
  5. Your e-vouchers will be assigned a discount percentage applicable to select fitness devices, based on your AIA Vitality Status, i.e., 25% OFF if you are at bronze, or 30% OFF if you reach silver status or higher.
  6. Only one (1) e-voucher can be used per purchase transaction.
  7. The e-vouchers may only be used at Garmin’s official e-store.
  8. For in-branch purchases, you must present your e- Card and one (1) valid ID to the cashier to enjoy the discount.

Subject to change without prior notice.