Critical Care 100

Comprehensive protection until you’re 100

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Critical Care 100

An all-inclusive life and health insurance that protects you against up to 100 critical illnesses until you’re 100, so you and your loved ones can enjoy life without worries

Issue age

0 to 65 years old

Coverage period

Until 100 years old

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BPI AIA Bancassurance Sales Executive


Policy benefits

Get 100% out of life

Optional add-ons

Get additional insurance coverage with these riders

Receive additional cash benefits if you get diagnosed with any of the covered gender-specific cancers

Receive a recovery income payable for 5 years, a year after critical illness diagnosis

For policy owners with children as the policy insured, we'll waive premium payments until the child is 25 if the payor passes away or becomes disabled

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An amount of money paid all at once to the policy owner, insured, or beneficiary/ies, depending on the policy’s terms and conditions. Examples are death benefit, and maturity benefit.

This is the fee you pay us to keep your insurance policy active. It may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

This is the person or business that owns and pays for the insurance policy

This is the person whose life is covered under a life insurance policy

It is a health rewards program that gives you exclusive gifts and discounts from partner brands when you meet your fitness goals

Terms & conditions

Critical Care 100 is a peso-denominated and non-participating whole-life health insurance plan that provides customers financial protection from health and life emergencies. Critical Care 100 is available in 10-pay and 20-pay variants.

Issue Ages

  • 10-pay: 0-65
  • 20-pay: 0-55

This plan provides the following benefits:

  • Bundled with AIA Vitality
  • The Death Benefit or Life Insurance Coverage is equal to the Face Amount less Minor Critical Illness (CI) paid and any debt to the Company. Upon payment of the life insurance coverage, the plan will terminate.
  • The Major Critical Illness is equal to the Face Amount less Minor Critical Illness paid and any debt to the Company. Upon payment of the Major CI, the plan will terminate.
  • The Minor Critical Illness benefit is equal to the Face Amount or P1 million, whichever is lower, will be advanced upon diagnosis of a listed Minor CI. This can only be claimed once.
  • Optional additional coverage for diagnosis of any of the covered gender specific cancers. Additional coverage is up to 50% of the Face Amount
  • Optional Recover Benefit. With the Recovery Benefit, the Insured will receive 5 annual cash payouts equal to 10% of the Face Amount each year as long as he or she is alive. The first payout happens 1 year after the Major CI claim.
  • Optional Payor's Benefit for Death and Disability

The Policy will terminate in the event of any of the following:

  • Upon death of the Insured
  • Upon claim of a covered Major Critical Illness
  • Upon reaching age 100 of the Insured
  • Upon non-payment of premiums
  • Upon written notice to terminate the Policy

Actual terms and conditions of Critical Care 100 are found in the Policy. In case of conflict, the Policy terms shall prevail.

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