Total Care Max

All-in-one care for you and your family

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Total Care Max

An investment-linked life and health insurance plan that protects you and your kids against major and minor critical illnesses while building a health fund for your family

Issue age

0 to 60 years old

Coverage period

Up to age 100

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BPI AIA Bancassurance Sales Executive


Policy benefits

Insurance lingo

This is the one-time payout we’ll provide your beneficiaries when the unexpected happens. It is also known as a death benefit.

This is the fee you pay us to keep your insurance policy active. It may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

It is your named beneficiary, who is 17 years old and below

It is a health rewards program that gives you exclusive gifts and discounts from partner brands when you meet your fitness goals

Terms & conditions

Total Care Max is an peso-denominated unit-linked insurance product that packaged with Critical Illness and Waiver of Premium for Critical Illness riders. Total Care Max product is available in 20-years, 10-years and Pay-to-age-65 pay variant, with the convenience of placing additional investments through Top-Ups. Total Care Max product will be integrated with Vitality.

With Total Care Max, you can build your savings and put all your energy and focus on achieving your life goals. You may choose a maximum of 2 funds among the 2 available funds -

  • BPI-Philam Peso Bond Fund
  • BPI-Philam Equity Index Fund 2

These underlying investment funds are being managed by BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (BPI-ATMC).

Purchasing a unit-linked life insurance product has its advantages and trade-offs. Investing in a unit- linked product, you must understand that the product may be subject to investment risks which include, but are not limited to interest rate risk, market/price risk, liquidity risk, credit/default risk, reinvestment risk, foreign exchange risk, and country risk which could affect the value of the policy. The Company is guided by Investment Policies and Guidelines in managing these risks; however, this does not guarantee investment returns nor protection against capital loss. To further understand the nature of the said risks, a risk disclosure statement is provided in the Client Suitability Assessment Form.

Payment of benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, definitions, exclusions, and limitations found in the policy contract.

The Policy will terminate in the event of any of the following:

  • Upon death of the Insured
  • Upon reaching age 80 of the Insured
  • Upon non-payment of premiums
  • Upon written notice to terminate the Policy

Actual terms and conditions of Total Care Max are found in the Policy. In case of conflict, the Policy terms shall prevail.

Upon receiving the policy contract, you may refer to the document for full details on the critical illness/terminal illness definitions, exclusions including the pre-existing conditions, and other limitations. If you decide that this plan is not suitable to your needs after reading the policy contract, simply return the document to BPI AIA within fifteen (15) days from the date you or your authorized representative received it and we will refund the Account Value plus the Policy Charges that have been deducted.

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